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Our calendar is kept up to date with grounds and range bookings.  
Best to check it regularly before heading to range just in case!!!

We are looking for a caretaker!!!   Click here for requirements,
all resumes are to be emailed to

Link to the new LEH and Hunting Licence information is here 

For the current event info and more information on comings and goings.....  

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Rifle Pistol Range Rules available here

Trap Range Rules available here

Be sure to check back or feel free to contact me with an event and I'll get it posted!!!

Club meetings are the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm at the club house.  Hope to see you there.  

Trap shooting is on Sundays from 10:30 to 1:00. Winter time depends on the weather!!!  Come out and have some fun.  See our contact page for the trap contact. 

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This website is updated with long term items rather than everyday events.  
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We are looking for a caretaker!!  See requirements here.  All resumes are to be emailed to


2016 Membership forms are available on our website here
You can also get them at Outdoor Essentials or McBike and Sport
There is a new form that has changed to update insurance and other
requirements of the shooting range regulations. 

Support your local club and become a member!!!!

Our calendar is kept up to date with grounds and range bookings.  
Best to check it regularly before heading to range just in case!!!

Tannerite or Exploding Targets

As we all agree Tannerite is a fun product and normally would not be an issue at the range when used properly.  
Unfortunately, we have had a couple of incidents of excessive use of the product at the range.  This has not resulted in 
a safety issue, but the noise and percussion has raised concerns with the neighbours and fellow shooters.  
As such, effective immediately Tannerite or other exploding targets are no longer allowed at the range.  
We appreciate your usual co-operation and understanding. 

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                 BV Rod and Gun